Group Rides For The 2019 Los Angeles EUC Games

NOTE: The following dates and itinerary are final. Meetup locations and times have been finalized and can be found below for each ride. Please read so that you are fully prepared for each ride. Post a comment if you plan on attending any of these rides, and which ride(s). If attendance for any particular ride does not meet a minimum level, that ride may be cancelled.

OK, change of plans. Since many of you don't want to provide an e-mail I'm going to use a different mechanism to communicate with you: Telegram

This is an established tool for communicating with groups and is being used in the EUC community for organizing events. I've been using it and it's great. You can use Telegram from your desktop but you'll need to have it on your phone for the rides.

Our Telegram group is laeucgamesgrouprides (click on the link to join). We can all communicate with each other via this app, coordinating travel, ride sharing, dinner plans, etc. Please familiarize yourself with the app if necessary.

If you have any questions regarding the upcoming rides, please use Telegram to do so.

Attendance: Since there is no formal registration or associated fee, it's hard to know who will actually show for the rides. I want to keep this a low-friction event without attendance requirements or costs other than your time. I do hope that everyone who has shown an interest can attend. I'm optimistic that we'll have at least a handful of people for each ride.  But even if it's just me, I'll be having a good day 😎

Since I won't know who will be joining us on any given day, you'll have to be sure to arrive at the designated meetup spot in time to join us at departure. However, if you are running a tiny bit late you can communicate with Telegram to let us know. I will be broadcasting our location live (via Telegram's mapping function) so you can always catch us in-route. Warning: a few of the rides will be remote with no cell phone coverage so Telegram won't work during those rides.

Marty BackeYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Frank FilmerYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Patrick SierraYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Ray RokniYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Dave UrenoYesNoYesYesYesYesYes
Wesley's GuestNoNoNoNoNoNoYes
Kyle KNoNoYesNoNoNoNo
Jeff KlineYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Mark LeeYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
The Fat UnicyclistNoNoNo?YesYesYes
Edwin RodmenNoNo??YesYesYes
Mark ChanyaYesYesNoNoNoNoNo
Mike Petrogeorge?NoNoNoNoNoNo
John WoodYesNoNoNoYesYesYes
Yevgeniy FrenklakhYesYesYesYesYesYesYes

Starting 7-days prior to the LA EUC Games, I will be hosting group rides for some of my favorite riding locations. If you participate in every planned ride, you'll be racking up ~350 additional miles on your EUC! Plan to sleep well every night 😁

Below you will find descriptions and videos for the planned riding and the dates for each ride. Each ride should be starting at 9am, but the exact time will be finalized shortly.

These are rides that I like to do. I'm not planning these for the lowest common denominator. Sorry. You'll need a wheel that can carry you 40 to 50 miles. For most people that will probably be a 1600wh or greater wheel. A few of the rides will offer opportunities to charge your wheel for a bit as we eat lunch. None of these rides are appropriate for beginner. If you ride a performance wheel with confidence, you're ready for these.

Below is a description and general itinerary for each day. Please note that I'm not acting as a formal tour guide; arranging lodgings, meals, transportation, etc. Pretend you are home, riding your favorite locations. Bring a dependable wheel and have a means to arrive at each starting location at the designated time. Be prepared for the unexpected, which means potentially walking a broken wheel out to civilization. I'm not trying to dissuade you from joining us, but want you to have realistic expectations. We won't leave anyone behind who is in dire straights but we also can't cancel a ride if someone has a mechanical failure but is able bodied.

Weather in Southern California this time of the year is ideal. Not too hot or cold, but chilly in the mornings and evenings. Rain is rare. Our two mountain adventures will probably be brisk in the higher elevations. Watch the weather and dress in layers. For the trail rides, bring plenty of water. The description for each ride will provide you expectations, such as riding conditions, need for water, charging opportunities, skill level, etc.

Based on the nature of this tour I shouldn't have to say this, but I'll reiterate anyway; I have ridden all of these trails multiple times. It's all doable and great fun by anyone with a few months riding experience. But you should have demonstrated stamina for riding up to 50-miles and 6+ hours out and about. I've included a video for each ride which will hopefully give you a flavor of what to expect.

I hope to have some mechanism for sign-ups so I can know who and how many will be joining us for each ride. For the time being, comment on this page to let me know your intentions.

Thanks, and I hope you can join me for at least one of these rides. After leading many riders on these various adventures I feel confident that each and every one of these rides will leave a lasting impression with you.

To see all of the rides in relationship to each other, see this Google Map created for the rides

The Beach

Water, Sand, and Bikinis

Saturday, October 19th

Well, I can't guarantee bikinis, but water and sand I can do 😊 We begin at the Pacific Palisades and travel south through Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Marina del Ray, Dockweiler beach, Hermosa Beach and arrive at Redondo Beach to enjoy lunch and some recharge. Then we continue to Palos Verdes Peninsula for some trail riding and beautiful ocean vistas. Finally we rewind the journey and travel back to Pacific Palisades.

We'll stop at all the piers and take in some picture worthy scenic outlooks over the pacific ocean and beaches.

This day will be a nice way to ease into the long rides during the upcoming week.

Meetup Location: Google Pin
Parking: You can pay to park if you want but I will be parking for free on Temescal Canyon Rd (Google Pin) and wheeling to the meetup location.
Meetup Time: Plan to be riding at ~9am
Ride Distance: 45 to 70 miles. This is a bit hard to judge at the moment. If we can all charge for a bit then we can continue for some riding in Palos Verdes before returning. If not, we will turnaround after lunch and return for a ~45-mile ride.
Recharge: Yes. We will be eating lunch at Barney’s on the pier. We can recharge. I hope everyone brings a fast charger so that we can visit the hills of Palos Verdes after lunch (20 additional miles of riding).
Special Considerations: Sunscreen 😎, water, and a windbreaker ?

Mt Wilson

This Will Put Hair on your Chest

Sunday, October 20th

Our most challenging ride. We climb over 4500-feet from Pasadena to the top of Mt Wilson where we enjoy a lunch at the Cosmic Cafe. The climb takes us on the original "Toll Road" built in the early 20th century. Now it's just a challenging trail (in some sections). Everyone (even 6-year old Brandon) can do this trail, but expect to drop your wheel at least once on the journey. It's a ~9-mile trip to the top which will take us 2 to 3 hours to complete. There we can enjoy a hot or cold lunch and then visit the observatories.

Based on the group consensus, we will either return on the same trail or take the scenic highway down. The highway is ~25-miles vs ~9-miles on the trail. but both take about the same amount of time.

Meetup Location: Google Pin
Parking: Meetup location and parking are one and the same - residential street parking.
Meetup Time: Plan to be riding at ~9am
Ride Distance: ~20 miles minimum if we return the same path (with ~30% recharging on the way down). If we return via the scenic highway (which I would prefer) then the distance will be ~42-miles. Depending on your weight, a 1000wh wheel can do the short route, otherwise you'll need a 1600wh wheel.
Recharge: No
Special Considerations: Bring plenty of water as this trail can get very hot if there is no cloud cover. Also potentially dress in layers since the temperature can be 20-degrees or more cooler at the top. There is no cell phone coverage during the ride.

Fullerton Loop & Griffith Park

Monday, October 21st

This day will consist of two shorter rides. We start in the morning by riding the Fullerton Loop, a well known bicyclist route that loops through and around the city of Fullerton. It's a mix of paved and dirt trails, much of which is very picturesque. Although less than 15-miles, this can be a 2 to 3 hour ride.

Meetup Location: Google Pin
Parking: Meetup location and parking are one and the same - large parking lot.
Meetup Time: Plan to be riding at ~9am
Ride Distance: ~13 miles
Recharge: No
Special Considerations: None

Then we regroup in the afternoon at Griffith Park for a ~25+ mile ride among the hills overlooking Los Angeles. We will visit the Griffith Observatory, Bronson Caves, and the Hollywood Sign (at Sunset). The trail riding here is spectacular and will offer you views of Los Angeles impossible to find anywhere else.

Meetup Location: Google Pin
Parking: Meetup location and parking are one and the same - parking lot.
Meetup Time: Plan to be riding at ~3pm
Ride Distance: ~25 miles
Recharge: No
Special Considerations: Since we will be riding after Sunset, dress in layers for potentially chilly evening temperatures. Also bring some additional lighting in case it's needed. There is no cell phone coverage during the ride.

The Rivers

Tuesday, October 22nd

This is a ~45-mile loop, riding the Rio Hondo river to Long Beach where we say hi to the Queen Mary and enjoy lunch at Hooters to recharge our stomachs and our wheels. Then we return via the San Gabriel river, including many miles of riding at the bottom of the river. There is very little side trail riding this day. Mostly long stretches of perfect bicycle paths interspersed with ocean front riding and paved side trails.

Meetup Location: Google Pin
Parking: Meetup location and parking are one and the same - parking lot.
Meetup Time: Plan to be riding at ~9am
Ride Distance: ~45 miles
Recharge: Yes, during lunch at Hooters. Not absolutely necessary, but it depends on your weight and wheel. I can do this whole ride on any of my 1600wh wheels without recharging.
Special Considerations: None


The Ultimate Back-country Ride

Wednesday, October 23rd

The most spectacular mountain trail ride, we begin by riding a paved but closed to traffic road up to the Cogswell dam. We ride along a flowing river under a canopy of trees and mountain sides. At the dam we leave the pavement and continue to the top of the mountain (over 4000-feet of climbing) and then return on the south ridge. 30-miles and 5+ hours later, you will be left with a most memorable experience. Lunch afterwards at the local In-and-Out Burger.

Meetup Location: Google Pin
Parking: Meetup location and parking are one and the same. NOTE: Parking requires the use of a Day Use Pass available for $5 at various locations. I buy mine from Big 5 Sporting Goods.
Meetup Time: Plan to be riding at ~9am
Ride Distance: ~30+ miles
Recharge: No. Any 1600wh wheel should easily do this ride.
Special Considerations: Bring plenty of water (and energy food?). This is our most remote ride with zero services (no food, water, or cell phone coverage). Dress in layers since it could be cold at the higher elevations.

Mission Viejo

Orange County Odyssey

Thursday, October 24th

On this ride we experience some of the best paved trails in Orange County as we travel from the Saddleback Foothills to the Pacific ocean. Here we stop for some food and a bit of recharge and return by a circuitous route that includes spectacular dirt trails, climbs to vistas overlooking all of Orange County and descents into spectacular ravines. An odyssey best describes this journey.

Meetup Location: Google Pin
Parking: Meetup location and parking are one and the same.
Meetup Time: Plan to be riding at ~9am
Ride Distance: ~48+ miles
Recharge: Possibly. I do not have a lunch location identified yet but am optimistic that we can find a place where we can recharge. I can do this ride on any of my 1600wh wheels, but what you can do depends on your wheel and your weight.
Special Considerations: None

Mt Baldy

The Defining Road Trip

Friday, October 25th

A spectacular 'road-trip' ride. We will take the scenic Glendora Mountain Road from the base of the mountains to the town of Mt Baldy where we will enjoy a lunch at the Mt Baldy Lodge. There is ample opportunity for recharging. Although the road is open to car traffic, it is lightly traveled. Expect to have most of the road to yourselves.

Depending on our battery levels after lunch, and the group consensus, before returning we can continue a few miles to visit the peak at over 6500-feet.

Meetup Location: Google Pin
Parking: Meetup location and parking are one and the same - street parking
Meetup Time: Plan to be riding at ~9am
Ride Distance: ~45 to 55 miles, depending if we travel to the peak after lunch
Recharge: Yes
Special Considerations: Except for the beginning and lunch there will be no cell phone coverage. Dress in layers since it could be chilly in the higher elevations.


  1. That is going to be a truly spectacular week!

    Nothing in the world will be able to keep me from attending the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday rides!
    I will be bringing a friend for the Friday ride as well!

    Forum name: Arbolest

    Can't wait for this!

    1. Thanks Wesley for your enthusiasm. I'm also really looking forward to this week. I just hope I have the stamina to survive it.

  2. Awesome list Marty, Ewheelers that attend these Great Adventures will have Great Memories!

    I'll be attending all rides, less MT Wilson

    Forum Name: Dave U

  3. hey marty, im planning to attend all the rides and the games. i will know for sure nearer tge date as i own a sports bar and can not plan too much ahead of time! i’ll have to see how i can get my wheel to CA since i live in WV and can not take wheel on flights!!

    1. Hey Ray, very cool that you're coming, and all the way from the east coast!

      I think you bought your wheel from EWheels, right? Jason has a standing offer to his customers to use his shipping rates. You can probably ship your wheel here for ~$50

      Look forward to meeting you.

  4. I'm planning on participating in this epic EUC adventure in its entirety.
    It will be great getting to meet in person and ride with so many respected members of our tiny community.
    This shall be a historic week to remember.

    ...EUC Nirvana awaits :-)

    Forum Name: FrankFilmer

    1. Fantastic Frank. All 7-days huh? You guys are going to make me work. I was secretly hoping that nobody would attend some of the rides and I could take a vacation day :-)

  5. Marty, you're killing me with my little Z10. I'll have to find a place to meet up with you about half way in.

  6. Hey Marty I’ll give all 7 ago.
    Patrick Sierra
    Jackson, WI

    1. Wisconsin! I spent a lot of time there in my youth (I grew up in northern Illinois). I bet you have some nice scenic areas to ride.

  7. This looks amazing. Bravo.
    I'll be flying in on the 21st so I'm hoping I can make wheel shipping arrangements timed to join from the 22nd and on.
    Jason did mention he could help with the shipping so it should work out fine. Looking forward to this.


  8. GM, Marty.., Vee here from DC. A fellow Glydiator and I are trying to make this two day trek with our wheels to attend your event. Hopefully we can get the logistics ironed to make it happen.

    1. Hi Vee. Well, I know you have the stamina for these long rides (probably more than me). It'll be great to meet you if your trip is a success. But wow, to come all the way from DC. And I don't know how you could do it in two days!

      Keep me appraised of your plans :-)

    2. I most definitely will. I would like to fly; however, to send the wheels would be crazy expensive since I'm planning on bringing multiple wheels.

  9. Hey Marty, I’ll for sure be going on the Fullerton loop ride and possibly the Griffith Park ride on the 21st. Sounds like a lot of fun!

    1. Thanks Kyle. Look forward to riding with you again.

  10. Bummed the cub scouts decided to pick this weekend for their once a year camping trip. I generally have to pick up Brandon from school at 2p daily and then taxi him around for after school activities.

    I can at this point only commit to Monday Fullerton. I was hoping to pick up Brandon to do Griffith, but he has afternoon commitments. I will also do Tuesday until I feel like i need to turn around to make it back on time.
    Please keep me in the loop once you post details on all the rides, i might do the half way turn around on some others depending on expected finish times. Thanks for Organizing!
    email is maltocs AT gmail

    1. Glad you can at least make one of the rides. I know you're not into long rides, but there are some great ones in this bunch for you and your Nikola :-)

      Details of the rides will ultimately be posted here, so keep an eye on this page as the week gets closer. As it stands now, each ride will be starting at 9am.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Thanks for a beautiful page with full of information Marty. This is a dream come true to be able to participate on all 7 epic rides.

  12. Count me in for Wed, Thurs, Fri
    ~Flyboy EUC

  13. Consider me a maybe for the Monday and Tuesday rides, but I am definitely planning on attending the Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday rides.

  14. I'm arriving late Monday... So put me down for;

    Tuesday - Maybe, depending on jetlag (but I really want to do this ride).
    Wednesday - Yes.
    Thursday - Hopefully (depending on range). How far is this ride?
    Friday - Yes.

    1. The Thursday ride is a 40+ mile ride but we should have a chance to charge at lunch. If you can do one one ride than you can do them all :-)

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Can anyone recommend the quietest least crowded paths/trails around LA? Still learning and want to get out of the crowds of the city into something quiet if possible.

  17. Marty I wont be in a EUC but im skateboard if you guys don't mind. I will probably join you guys on the first day(19) of the ride and check everyone's wheels out!

  18. Got the week off work!
    I'll ride as many of these as my endurance allows.
    Probably half or more.
    Just now got the speed limit off my new KS16S.
    Marcus Forum name:1wheeler

    1. Good news Marcus. I hope I have the endurance to do all of them :-)

      BTW, did you mean the 16X?

  19. hey marty, still recovering from the fall last week, ribs are painful still. will let you know nearer the date if i’m not coming.

  20. Unless you don't want me to come last two days. I'm there for all 7 days.

  21. Thank you for organizing these rides, wish I could go, but my wheel is not capable (Inmotion V10). I'm probably too n00b anyhow. Hoping next year I can 1) go and 2) shorter/beginner friendly rides would be offered as well.

    Greetings from Gurnee, IL (/dev/null on EUC forums)

    Ride safe guys & thank you for donating all this time to promoting the sport.

  22. Would I be able to make it at My Wilson on my Z10. Thought you rode yours once for that ride.

    1. Yes, I've ridden the Z10 to the top. Assuming that you don't weigh too much it would work fine. You would have to return on the same path. Depending on conditions, all or some of us may return via Highway 2 and for that you would need 1600wh.

      You could also do Fullerton & Griffith Park, and if you're willing to Uber back, you could do half of just about every ride.

    2. We're all not retired like you. So don't think I can do the mid week rides. I've done Fullerton loop on bike, never on EUC, that could be fun though.
      I'll try to make it for Mt Wilson, sounds like a fun ride.

    3. Most people aren't going to all the rides. That's why I'm doing 7-days of rides, to give many opportunities for people to find a compatible day.

      Do you want to give me your name so that I can register you as a Maybe for those two days?

  23. Marty I just found TIME tonight to learn about this movement. It did cross my vision on Letgo but the nyc guy got me watching his videos and MINUTES ago i READ frisco paper article from June but was first pissed the association depended on Facebook then thrilled by YOUR efforts AND "1600wh" word use as if Electrotek has streamed SUCH banks to mundaneness.

    Your ALSO if in fact retired thrilling to hear ABOUT.

    Technologically I advocate for using cheap SCIB cells FROM
    Crushed Honda Fit ev rescued by greentec auto if electrical but am fighting for regime change given obsoleteness however inevident to industry not just public.

    So a WEEK is little time but DESPITE giving up my dtla apartment many years ago I hover.

    FINALLY I bought over ten THOUSAND watts of miasole high efficiency flexible tarp like panels and can offer thdn to you at over three watts per dollar if you go pick them up and use them to charge UIC and agree to put your kids to work mouhting them on backpacks for shade WHILE out and ABOUT.

    Also dont let miasole no LOL.

    These have been seen in very small quantities at extreme meetings ONLY PREVIOUSLY but skipped this YEAR in part.

    WATTAGE varies and at 17 percent labeles from 150 to 600 but is given away for BEING short of label! Over 500 still is �� changing itself and used to extend range and decrease total cost of EUC dddddisruuuuuuu

    U KNOW

  24. Can i still sign up for sat?

  25. hey Marty, I'm new to EUC. Watching all your Youtube videos inspired me to ride an EUC. i would love to do group rides but i just got my new gotway MSX 3 days ago and been practicing every day since. i'm not sure if i can catch up with u guys. Where do i sign up or register for the events? thanks, Ken

    1. Hi. You don't need to sign up at this point. Just come to any rides that you feel that you can do.

  26. I will do my very best to make it on the trips Wednesday and Thursday. My biggest challenge right now is to figure out how to get so far out of the city without a car :D
    I'll be arriving in Pasadena Tuesday afternoon.. Looking forward to riding with you guys :)